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While the idea of reading International Article Number (EAN) barcodes with a webcam replacing expensive barcode readers is not new, it appears that the existent freeware products which are used to detect barcodes with a webcam are either not open source or don't have an API, which makes their integration into existent products difficult or impossible. They are moreover clumsy and hardware eager.

Koala Barcode Scanner is not only fast even with low hardware resources, but also is done as an API, in order to be integrated into products, and is licensed under the non-viral, more permissive then most open source licenses, Microsoft Public License (MS-PL). If you're familiar with .NET development, feel free to modify the well-refactored, well-commented source code.

With Koala Barcode Scanner, you get:

And you get it for free.

The product can also be tested by using a demo application, which looks like on the following screenshot. Also, don't miss a demo video showing the product in use.

Wait, there is more!

If you want to integrate the library in your application but don't know how or your company don't have developers, or if you want specific changes to the library, just for you, licensed by you, then order the custom development to us. Here are our prices.

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By Arseni Mourzenko, see Official profile | Google+.